Sunday, November 23, 2014

Today's Pretty Pic - WARNING: Violence and Derogatory Language

I've been watching him, planning. He knows I'm here. He sees me. He's just been waiting for me to make my move, to let me love him, let him love me.  And, I want to. So bad. That first day when I walked in his class, when I sat down and he called my name? The way his lips kissed each of my syllables, the way his tongue caressed the sounds. Wet, his mouth was wet when he spoke to me. No one else was in the room. No one else felt the eroticism, the way he was teasing me, begging me to watch him, to hold him, to keep him. 

He wants me to love him. And, I will. Forever.

The first time I followed him from the building to his car was beautiful. The night was glorious, and we were able to share it together. He walked slowly, sure that I was there, his shadow, his guardian. I would protect him. He knew it. When he stopped suddenly, I could almost hear his pulse race. He was scared, afraid that I would leave him, let him go. I will never, never let him go. I follow him everywhere now. I know where his father lives, heard them laugh together, lovely sounds on the wind. I wanted to taste his laugh, his father’s laugh. I wanted to swallow them down my throat and let them settle in my soul. His sister? She’s a sweet little thing. Too bad I met her brother first. Saw that woman, that fucking whore that won't let him near their kids. It breaks his heart. I've watched him cry, wanting, begging to see them, his tears nearly destroying me. His former family has deserted him, but he doesn't have to worry. I'm here, will always be here. I am his family now.

He wants me to love him. And, I will. Forever.

He knows my strength. He's felt it. I met with him in his office, the day filled with promise. He pretended to be surprised to see me. We both knew that I would be there. His swallow, when he took one, was deep, his eyes darting around looking for anyone who would interrupt us was cute, his fear almost tangible as he, too, hoped that we could have this moment to ourselves. When I stood over him, pressed against him, melded my body to his, I swear the blood racing through his veins was a palpable thing. He played with me, begging me to move away, trying his cat and mouse routine, I the cat and he my prey, him wearing my pretty marks around his neck, so dark you could nearly see my thumbprints. Gorgeous. I left, but I would be back. I always come back. No man's law will keep me away from my love.

He wants me to love him. And, I will. Forever.

When he sleeps at night, a blanket slowly revealing stunning musculature, the curve of his decadent ass, an ass I can't wait to sink into, I kneel beside him, so close my breath stirs the strands of his dark hair. The fine hairs on his chest are soft. I know this because gently, oh so gently, I have felt them against my skin, skin so eager to have him. He mumbles in his sleep, moves constantly, his eyes fluttering. I can't wait for him to see me. See me, his guardian, the lover he's been waiting for. His protector. Open your eyes, lovely one. I am here.

He wants me to love him. And, I will. Forever.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Today's Pretty Pic

He makes me happy, you know. My dad always said that the love of your life may just be right under your nose. Bet he didn't think he would be the sexy guy under a hardhat in a manhole that just seemed to materialize out of nowhere as I went sailing over the edge of the sidewalk, narrowly missed the barricade there to keep me safe and nailed him with not just my body but a fresh cup of joe.

Yeah, I'm a klutz. Ask the people in the ER. After being handed the helpline for abusive relationships one too many times, I finally had to journal my mishaps by camera just to prove that these things were really happening to me, by me. Didn't know that it would lead to a career in photojournalism, that the magazine I work for would send me to cover the latest local coffee shop casualty that just couldn't win against the coffee giant that seemed to pop up everywhere where the drink sizes made no sense and neither did their names. Yeah, I've been there, too, but we're not here to talk about me. Oh, yeah, right. We are.

Anyway, everything happens for a reason.

Bet Pop didn't think the love of my life would be a guy, either. Hell, I didn't think so, but when strong corded arms wrapped themselves around my frame holding me close, dripping with a yummy hazelnut blend and all, an amused smile aimed in my direction, my dick would have given any pointer dog a run for its money. It knew exactly what it wanted. Just took me a week or three to catch up. My guy, though? He doesn't take no for an answer.

It's been weird. Top or bottom? Whatever. Variety is the spice of life.
It's been life changing. Real friends stay and fools go.
And? It's been worth every minute. Look at those smiles. Can't you tell?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Phoenix Rising

Was totally under the weather. Sinus infection took me down. Just glad it wasn't the flu. Will have Pretty Pic story up this week. Be on the lookout.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's Pretty Pic

He is my prisoner, my possession. He, in all of his beauty, resting on my circle, subject to my deepest dreams and darkest fantasies. I've only to ask, to request, and he will relax his body, sacrifice his everything for me. He is my dancer as his glorious arms and feet pound out the rhythm of my heart, my passion as he cries out his ecstasy when I fill him, any air he breathes taken only with my blessing.

Think me beautiful. Think me gentle. Think me an angel. Think me a demon. You may not see my horns or behold my cloven hoofs, but know that his soul burns for me. 

And I?

I quench his thirst. 

-Deja Black

Stephane Haffner & Kyle Kier: Aerialist Love. David Vance Photos - Burbujas De Deseo
Intro for the next book in the Broken Bones series:

"Well, would you look at that?" Complete tunnel vision for the ass in front of him. Forgive him, but it was all he could see. "Lawd, that's a pretty sight, yes sir.”

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Nah, the way to this man's heart was ass, beautiful, ripe for the picking ass. Drop a quarter on it, park a classic glass Coke bottle, a bead of wet condensation pearling down the side on it ass. That was the ass he was seeing right then, ass worthy of wrapping with a bright as hell crimson red bow hot enough to singe your fingers on ass, and thanking God for it each and every day after Christmas morning ass. That was this ass, and it was there in front of him, half way down the aisle, winking at him as muscular flanks stretched and dimpled flirting with him. Okay, maybe it wasn't flirting, but it was damned pretty as the supple body it was attached to reached for a bottle sauce. Reds Hot Sauce? Oh, that ass needed him. That beautiful body couldn't reach it without him. He wouldn't give it the chance.

Remi made his way, stalking his prey. Reach, reach. Oh, sweet Jesus. He had to have it, could almost feel his fingers squeezing the Charmin.

"Remi!" a voice that was less than welcome hollered at him. Fuck. What was with Kaden? Couldn't he see that he was almost on his tasty suspect. The sweet ass in front of him vibrated with frustration begging him to hurry up and save it, take it home, own it, and marry it. "Remi Devereux, do you take this bodacious gift of round Nirvana created just for your hands to mold and shape for your lawfully wedded.."

He was rudely snatched away from his dream by an iron grip that tried to drag him away from his destiny. Kaden couldn't, though. Remi hadn't met the man strong enough to stop him from getting anywhere he wanted to go and right now, it was right there between those dimpled cheeks. Still, it was enough to at least pause his forward motion.

Irked, he turned to face his partner of the last seven or eight years.

"Slow your roll, man. I don't know what it is with you and your tunnel vision sometimes, dude, but that right there? That ain't no girl, man. That's a man."

Remi stopped. So, yeah, maybe Kaden wasn't strong enough to physically halt his progression, but the words "a man" certainly made him think, for oh about ten minutes until that bubble butt popped into his viewfinder all over again, and then he was like, "Fuck it." Looks like his dream ass had obtained its goal and was leaving without him. That was so not going to happen. A man. Yeah. Okay, but the man had his ass, an ass that he swore he had seen visions about, very happy ones, and he needed to get that.                    

"No, Remi. Wait. Wait, man." Shit. Growling, he turned back to Kaden.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Broken Bones will be published! I am so excited. Don't believe I will be able to sleep tonight. As I plug away at the next book in the series, my heart is pumping erratically with joy, my hopes and dreams are fulfilled and the only way this could be any better is to see what cover will be made for it. Dreamy.

Have you seen the covers on Dreamspinner Books?


Friday, September 12, 2014

Today's Pretty Pic

Today's pretty pic

I never knew that love could feel like this, that it would be me in the middle of them. Used to watch them look at me from a distance, eyes dark and hungry, watch me work on their house repairing odds and ends. Used to wonder why they called me when it really looked like they could handle the jobs themselves. Not that I was ever sorry to go, but these two guys didn't need someone to fix what looked like a brand new faucet. Only had to tighten it with a twist of the wrench, and the leak was gone. I really should have figured it out when the cabinet door was absent a few nails when only days before, it was just fine. 

But, it wasn't until they both walked out of a hot shower, water sliding over their flesh, heat rising from their bodies that I knew what was up. My cock sure did. It had it all figured out a long time ago. 

And now?

Now, look at me. His lips grace my neck, his kisses wet and tender. His body melts beneath me, his mouth swallowing me whole. While I feel him deep within, pulsing, bringing me pleasure I had never envisioned, a hand wraps around my hardness, stopping me from spilling my essence, keeping me teetering on a tightrope of both pleasure and pain. We move together, our bodies as one, loving each other. Hot, hard, rough, deep. We dance together, tender, passionate, graceful.

I never knew that love could feel like this, that it would be me in the middle of them. Like a puzzle, we fit and it's good. So damn good. There's no place I'd rather be. 

Mary Calmes has a book coming soon. 

It will be out November 2014.
My mission is to be the first one to read it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Still Waiting

There are 90 days left until I know if Dreamspinner has accepted my book. Who's nervous? Not me. No, I'm okay. No, really. I'm not. Nervous. Freaky nervous.

In the meantime, I'm writing the second book. Main characters are Marty and Peter. Still looking for Peter.

I have Marty
Now, we just need the story.
Tidbits coming soon.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Next Book

So, I am outlining my next book. Rhys Ford has offered some really good advice that should make writing much easier. Write each chapter as if you are looking at the book sideways. That's what I'm going to do. The rest is fill in the blanks.


Add Supernatural brothers plus my brother's poetry as an intro, and this should give me what I need for inspiration.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's On the Way

Well, I've done it. I've submitted my first piece ever. I'm thrilled beyond belief, excited. My words, my story, my characters are living and breathing and about to see the world. Life? It's good.

By the way, this is sort of my idea of Aiden.

And I am thinking of Dan sort of like this:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Beginning

Started with a dream, a dream that went viral. Why? Because once I started, I couldn't let it go. I've always loved writing, making the pictures in mind come to life through written word. Now, I'm doing it, and it's awesome.