Sunday, September 28, 2014

Intro for the next book in the Broken Bones series:

"Well, would you look at that?" Complete tunnel vision for the ass in front of him. Forgive him, but it was all he could see. "Lawd, that's a pretty sight, yes sir.”

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Nah, the way to this man's heart was ass, beautiful, ripe for the picking ass. Drop a quarter on it, park a classic glass Coke bottle, a bead of wet condensation pearling down the side on it ass. That was the ass he was seeing right then, ass worthy of wrapping with a bright as hell crimson red bow hot enough to singe your fingers on ass, and thanking God for it each and every day after Christmas morning ass. That was this ass, and it was there in front of him, half way down the aisle, winking at him as muscular flanks stretched and dimpled flirting with him. Okay, maybe it wasn't flirting, but it was damned pretty as the supple body it was attached to reached for a bottle sauce. Reds Hot Sauce? Oh, that ass needed him. That beautiful body couldn't reach it without him. He wouldn't give it the chance.

Remi made his way, stalking his prey. Reach, reach. Oh, sweet Jesus. He had to have it, could almost feel his fingers squeezing the Charmin.

"Remi!" a voice that was less than welcome hollered at him. Fuck. What was with Kaden? Couldn't he see that he was almost on his tasty suspect. The sweet ass in front of him vibrated with frustration begging him to hurry up and save it, take it home, own it, and marry it. "Remi Devereux, do you take this bodacious gift of round Nirvana created just for your hands to mold and shape for your lawfully wedded.."

He was rudely snatched away from his dream by an iron grip that tried to drag him away from his destiny. Kaden couldn't, though. Remi hadn't met the man strong enough to stop him from getting anywhere he wanted to go and right now, it was right there between those dimpled cheeks. Still, it was enough to at least pause his forward motion.

Irked, he turned to face his partner of the last seven or eight years.

"Slow your roll, man. I don't know what it is with you and your tunnel vision sometimes, dude, but that right there? That ain't no girl, man. That's a man."

Remi stopped. So, yeah, maybe Kaden wasn't strong enough to physically halt his progression, but the words "a man" certainly made him think, for oh about ten minutes until that bubble butt popped into his viewfinder all over again, and then he was like, "Fuck it." Looks like his dream ass had obtained its goal and was leaving without him. That was so not going to happen. A man. Yeah. Okay, but the man had his ass, an ass that he swore he had seen visions about, very happy ones, and he needed to get that.                    

"No, Remi. Wait. Wait, man." Shit. Growling, he turned back to Kaden.



  1. OH. .. my gawd! ! You are such a tease! ! I thought I was one of your BESTIES!!! That's alllll I get? ?? Okay, okay. .... LOVED this teeny tiny lil bit of wonderfulness. You's a Rock Star! !

  2. Oh, yeah! Perfect! Grinning so hard, I could split cement. Thank you for reading. I go forth to create more!