Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's Pretty Pic

He is my prisoner, my possession. He, in all of his beauty, resting on my circle, subject to my deepest dreams and darkest fantasies. I've only to ask, to request, and he will relax his body, sacrifice his everything for me. He is my dancer as his glorious arms and feet pound out the rhythm of my heart, my passion as he cries out his ecstasy when I fill him, any air he breathes taken only with my blessing.

Think me beautiful. Think me gentle. Think me an angel. Think me a demon. You may not see my horns or behold my cloven hoofs, but know that his soul burns for me. 

And I?

I quench his thirst. 

-Deja Black

Stephane Haffner & Kyle Kier: Aerialist Love. David Vance Photos - Burbujas De Deseo

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