Saturday, February 14, 2015

Second Edit

After much bloodshed, the second edit is now complete. I must thank Tricia for her skill with word (She's like a word wizard.), her connection with my men, and her understanding. The woman is awesome, and I absolutely would not have made it without her.

Think of it like this. You write your book. Essentially, it's in the "coal" stage. Yes, you've poured out your dreams, given characters life, but there's more needed before you have a book worth reading. It takes a word wizard like Tricia to take that coal you've created and add the necessary pressure and conditions to make it a diamond. Passages may be deleted, phrasing altered, more depth added, conflicts in structure resolved, and a more cohesive story line explodes before your eyes, faceted with complete ideas and areas of amazing prose. Rhys says that she owes her editor a jaguar. Tricia, when I'm able, a summer home in your favorite location is totally yours.

Broken Bones is supposed to be out September 2015. Keep your eyes open! Don't worry; I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, Goodreads is about to have their Don't Read in the Closet! Yes! I can't wait! I want to be one of the authors this time. So, you could be reading something from me there as well.

Love to you all!

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