Thursday, June 18, 2015


That's kind of where my head is at. I'm preparing to embark on a journey, one where I travel to China to teach. I'm excited, thrilled and oh-so-busy. 
What do you need to read? 
Well, if you haven't picked up this book, yet...WHAT. ARE. YOU. WAITING. FOR?

Here's what I had to say about it:
This book. My life paused for it. I was in Toby's vulnerable clutches, the strength that was so natural to him, it was his skin. I followed Laurie who was so desperate to save Toby rather than himself, who would cleave away his own flesh for the love of his boy, his prince. I was there to see Toby bring him to his knees, to see him submit so beautifully, so gracefully that my heart nearly wept. I was a part of the story that Alexis Hall weaved, loving the way they loved, the way they sacrificed. I was there as they grew, as they became honest with their needs. Their pain? I felt it. The hopelessness? I ached for them. Alexis Hall did that. The passion they shared, the primal demand of their being they were helpless to embrace was not in addition but a part of them, made them whole. I loved them. I loved this book. I will return for glimpses and devour anything else Alexis Hall chooses to give.

Thank you, Alexis. Well done.

What's happening now for writing?
Well, I am currently on the second book in my Broken series. The title is Broken Pieces. I believe you will love Remi and Peter. I do. They will lead you to Kristoff and later to Darren. I'm excited that my first book is released August 4th. Have a moment? Get to know my guys. You'll love them, too. 

Have to run for now and work on that book, grab some shut eye and plan for tomorrow. 

All the love,