Saturday, August 1, 2015

Celebrate the Moment

Where is my head at right now? It's so very hard to concentrate what with Broken Bones coming out in three days! Oh, my!

Every time I think about it, my heart races sort of like what it's doing right now when I look at this guy here. I mean...chiseled perfection. That towel is so ready to open up and reveal a delightful present to some happy recipient.

Is he shy? Is he humbled? Is he waiting for permission? The waiting is what is killing me. I'm sure it's killing him.

The man looking at all of that beautiful, that supple wet flesh begging for a taste, a lick, a pleasure trek along that fine frame. Is he happy? Is he eager? Is he hopeful? Is he afraid? Fear. That is what's killing me right now. I'm sure it's killing him.

But what more could life be then the joy to reach the next moment, the rush of anticipation, of knowing how close you are to what you have desired most?

Savor it just like he will savor him. That's what I'll do, and rather than let the waiting or the fear kill me, I'll celebrate the moment.

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