Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hey, you! Are you writing without a beta? Get one!

With writing, it takes time to be awesome. And, there are so many people involved in making you be the best you can be. I have found my betas to be invaluable. They read the story I create and help me to see how it actually works on paper. That whole scene where two people are talking and I see what's happening? The way they're sitting, looking, moving? Well, the reader gets none of that unless I actually put in on paper. The problem? I'm reading it as I see it and not as my reader does. Betas read it as readers should with more insight and the ability to convey what you need to improve your piece so that your audience will see the picture you have in your mind. 

The great writers? They all have betas. Are you interested in using a beta for your work? Not sure where to find them? Goodreads has groups. Join a group that you like. For example, I joined M/M Romance. They have resources for writers who love to write about men who love men. Well, included in that is a link where you can find betas and authors who need them. 

Are you a reader interested in being a beta? Well, that could work for you. Are you an author who needs a beta (because if you're an author, you really need a beta), then it might work for you. 

No matter what you do, get a beta. 

The other issue? How much to give them. Well, I started out with half a book. Then, I asked a friend and went chapter by chapter. The problem with that for me has been consistency. The plot holes? They are many if your beta doesn't get the book to read so the book can be read with fluidity. They can't know what they're missing if they're missing most of the book. So, I'm moving back to the whole book.

Still learning. 
Always learning.
Sometimes with a few tears along the way.

Hope you're having a great week.


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