Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Word or Two from Deja to You~

A Word or Two from Deja to You~
Two weeks we’ve been apart, and I've missed you desperately.

This week, I’ll share Kai’s best gift, a few helpful links for writing, another fabulous audiobook and, of course, the pictures.

Be inspired!

Kai’s Best Gift
Deja Black: Kai, thanks for agreeing to answer another question for the readers.

Kai: You’re welcome. Can we keep this short, though? I’m honored, but I’ve got a few things on the table that need to be taken care of back home.

Deja Black: Really? Care to share?

Kai: No, I think there’d be a few objections to that. Loud ones, actually.

Deja Black coughs quietly then smiles: Uhm, okay. So.

Kai nods: So, the question?

Deja Black: Your readers would like to know the best gift you ever gave, who you gave it to, and why you picked that as a gift.

Kai settles back against the seat, props one sandaled foot against his knee. He looks skyward then back to Deja. Shaking his head, his eyes fill. He clears his throat roughly before he speaks: That all, and we’re done?

Deja Black: Yes. Are you okay?

Kai: Yes. This hits deep, but, yeah. I’m okay. The best gift I ever gave was a little ugly dog named Moniker. You see, my mama was diagnosed with cancer. All my life, from the day she found me.

Don’t ask. That’s for another day.

All my life, she’d given me everything. Her time. Her patience. Her words. Her dreams. Her love. She put all of that in me, sacrificed it all for a little baby someone else discarded. She gave me her soul. 

And, the brightness I had known all my life, the woman who wiped my tears, who taught me to stand up for myself? She was given possibly months, maybe even a year. How do you total that? Say that to someone who burned like the sun? 

Well, she nodded, and we went home. I took her to doctor after doctor. Same thing. Finally, she said she was done, that the only thing she wanted to do was to sit in her garden and wouldn’t it be nice if she had a dog, too. We searched and we finally found the little mutt at the Humane Society. 

Of all the dogs in the place, that ugly little beast was the one that got her. She took one look and said, “Him. I want him. You see, Kai. He’s beautiful inside. Don’t no one know it because they don’t take the time to see, but I see it. I want him. You get me that one.”

And, I did.

Audiobook Fave for the Week!
One of the suggestions for a person who wants to read but simply lacks the time? Audiobooks! And, I have the perfect one for you!

My absolute favorite this week is:

  Prisoner: Kria (Book 1) by Megan Derr
Narrated by Sean Crisden

A man whom all men fear...

General Dieter von Adolwulf has led the Scarlet Army of Kria to victory for the past decade, holding the infamous field known as the Regenbogen against Kria's hated enemies - the deceptive Illussor and the ruthless Salharans. War has waged between the three nations for longer than anyone can remember, but no one has held the Regenbogen as well as the notorious Wolf of Kria and his fearsome army.

A man who fears nothing...

Returning home at the end of the year, the Scarlet Army is attacked in the dead of night by a single man who manages to kill hundreds before he is finally captured. A Salharan soldier with no name, no purpose but to kill, he refuses to bend to the Wolf who takes him prisoner and forces upon him a despicable Krian name.

A man with nothing to lose...

When the rest of his army is slaughtered by Illussor soldiers desperately seeking his prisoner, Dieter determines to hold fast - both for answers and in revenge for the men he lost. But answers and revenge are hard to come by when surrounded by secrets and treachery, and the man least likely to kill him is the prisoner who most wants him dead.

LOVED this book! It always amazes me how Megan Derr can write such a captivating story absent of love making. She has a way of taking the reader there and skillfully skipping past it to give her audience the story of a lifetime. Now, I love the smexy just as much as you do, but Derr is one I love to read even without the sizzle. 

This story itself? Marvelous. It's fantasy, mystery and magic. The heat between von Adolwulf and the man without a name? Breathtaking. Add the fact that Sean Crisden is narrating it? I mean, really. The man works his own magic with his vocal skill. 

It's an unforgettable listen!

Blog Hopping!

Are you a writer looking for some great ideas or a reader who’s been considering the trade? Well, I have three excellent blogs for you!

201 Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity & End Writer’s Block

There are 201 fantastic prompts. You'll want to take a look. Promise! 
It was my turn to dig. 
Now, that one got my juices flowing. Give it a read and see what gets yours going!

101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams

If you've taken a look at my previous blogs, you know how interested I am in building my writer platform. Grabas has some excellent ideas here. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't, and I'll definitely be trying a few.  

16 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss

 If you've been trying to build that platform I mentioned earlier, then you are probably a member of many Facebook groups. Well, are you in the best ones for you? Find out by checking out this list of the top ones for writers, ones that do more than post your book or give you your next read. 

Join one that can help move your writing forward. 

Now for the pictures that inspire me...


I have learned that you’d rather just enjoy the photos, so here you are!

Let me know if there’s one that totally takes your breath away!






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