Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Word or Two from Deja to You~

A Word or Two from Deja to You~
Was driving down the street and what did I see? A parade of clowns on mini bikes. That was just the image I needed for how my week has been. Who knows what next week will bring?

This week, I have a brief update on my writing progress, an audible suggestion, blog hopping and pictures.

Be inspired.

Love to you all,


I’ve finally finished editing Broken Pieces, and the betas have it in hand. Here’s where I pretend not to be worried, not to rehash my thoughts again and again. It’s where I wonder if I got this right, will they understand that, or should I metaphorically take it back, ball it up and do it all over again.

Letting that go and moving on.

Where do I go from here? Back to the romance novel I was working on and some anthology pieces after that.

One of the most important pieces of advice that I’ve heard and read again and again is to keep writing.

I plan on doing precisely that.

Keep writing! 
That’s for you, too!

Audiobook Fave for the Week!
One of the suggestions for a person who wants to read but simply lacks the time? Audiobooks! And, I have the perfect one for you!

My absolute favorite this week is:

Hell on Wheels by Z.A. Maxfield
Narrated by Nick J. Russo

Nash is the reliable one in the Holly family, the guy everyone counts on to keep things going. His genius twin brother is off at university, so Nash runs the family's auto repair business and cares for his partially-paralyzed little sister while his crackpot father invents. His life seems mapped out for the foreseeable future, however much that might chafe.

So when Wolf's Landing actor Spencer Kepler-Constantine lands in his life, Nash is ready for a diversion. Spencer is in the middle of a very painful, very public divorce and isn't ready for a relationship - not that Nash wants one. But they both need a friend, especially one with benefits.

As they grow closer, Nash starts to see his family in a whole new light. Do they really need him so badly? Or does he simply need to be needed? Then Spencer's ex reappears with a grand romantic gesture, and Nash has to figure out what he wants - and how to get it - before Spencer's gone for good.

Love Z.A. Maxfield’s writing and coupled with Nick J. Russo who is a phenomenal narrator, this book is a gem. Hits all the right spots and keeps the listener entertained. You’ll love it.


Blog Hopping!

Are you a writer looking for some great ideas or a reader who’s been considering the trade? Well, I have three excellent blogs for you!

by Justin McLachlan

McLachlan always has a matter of fact way about giving the writer the best advice. I nodded my head on so many of these. 

How to get better at writing daily: 10 methods

My son likes to say that it’s perfect practice, not practice perfect. I get it. After reading this, you may, too. Read some great ways to make your writing better.

Why You’re Not Writing

Sometimes we just need someone to bluntly tell us the truth, not pull punches. You want to write? Get out there and do it. Have excuses? Read this blog article that can help you get rid of those.

Now for the pictures that inspire me...























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