Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Word or Two from Deja to You~

A Word or Two from Deja to You~
It’s been a month now. Missed you, lovelies. Hope you’re writing, reading and falling in love with words.

This month, I have a brief update on my writing progress, an audible suggestion, blog hopping and pictures.

Be inspired.

Love to you all,


Currently reworking A Place for Dreams as a submission for a single book rather than an anthology. It’s the story of a shifter, an unusual one, and I’ve been told you’ll enjoy him.

My other piece, Getting There, the story of Lucas who’s not sure what he wants and Creed Hamasaki who definitely wants him is finished. By finished, I mean the first draft. As you well know, that means a few rereads before I send to beta readers. Beta readers? God's gift to writers.

Broken Bones is on the rise as far as interest. Maybe it took readers a while to accept it? New writer here. I don’t know. Just glad to see the book finally flying off the shelves. Maybe They Called Him Nightmare had something to do with that.


A Chance for Hope releases December 12th. In the aftermath of tragedy, freelance writer Brad Truscott is drawn to ease Paul Bachman’s grief. But will Paul ever be ready to take another chance on happiness? 

Yes, that’s the blurb. Take a chance. It’s a beautiful story and part of Love Wins, a Dreamspinner Press benefit anthology to support the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida.

Not sure where to go from here, but you can believe I’ll be writing and reading and continuing my love affair with words.

You do, too!

Audiobook Fave for the Week!
One of the suggestions for a person who wants to read but simply lacks the time? Audiobooks! And, I have the perfect one for you!

My absolute favorite this week is:

Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
Narrated by Paul Morey

The most important things in Simon Murray’s life are football, friends, and film - in that order. His friends despair of him ever meeting someone, but despite his loneliness, Simon is cautious about looking for more. Then his best friends drag him to a party, where he barges into a football conversation and ends up defending the honour of star forward Declan Tyler - unaware that the athlete is present. In that first awkward meeting, neither man has any idea they will change each other's lives forever.

Like his entire family, Simon revels in living in Melbourne, the home of Australian Rules football and mecca for serious fans. There, players are treated like gods - until they do something to fall out of public favour. This year, the public is taking Declan to task for suffering injuries outside his control, so Simon's support is a bright spot.
But as Simon and Declan fumble toward a relationship, keeping Declan's homosexuality a secret from well-meaning friends and an increasingly suspicious media becomes difficult. Nothing can stay hidden forever. Soon Declan will have to choose between the career he loves and the man he wants, and Simon has never been known to make things easy - for himself or for others.

I’m no sports enthusiast, but even I was willing to follow football after this listen. This book is an amazing paring of Sean Kennedy who is a fabulous writer and Paul Morey, a staple in excellent narration. You won’t be disappointed.

Blog Hopping!

Are you a writer looking for some great ideas or a reader who’s been considering the trade? Well, I have three excellent blogs for you!

How to Pitch your Book to Bloggers – Tips for Success

Need proper etiquette on approaching bloggers to shop your book? 

This Formula Solves The ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Writing Dilemma Once And For All

Ways to make showing not telling happen are here and ready to be used!

How to Create Tension in Writing: 8 Methods

 Nice methods, a few I'll be using. You may, too.

20 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss

 As a regular on Facebook, it's good to see what's actually worthy of attention.

Where to Find Beta Readers

This is one of my biggest issues, so you have two articles on this.

Find Beta Readers

Book Launch Checklist

This is a really awesome checklist, and I wished I had it before I wrote my first book. Check it out. 

Now for the pictures that inspire me...













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