Sunday, April 9, 2017

Broken Pieces Gets a Chance to Live

Broken Pieces - A New Hope

Had a lovely Spring Break with the grandparents in South Carolina and got some news about one of my books. Took my laptop on our vacation because I had thoughts of writing and reading, playing with the kiddos while they visited their family. Unfortunately, I forgot a few things. My kids are 5 and 9, their grandmother is hands off which means she loves them from a distance, and while their grandfather is a doting and nurturing grandparent who wants to spend lots of time with them, he's pretty busy. We had fun, though. 

Went to Edventure Children's museum where the kids fondly remember climbing in Ed and seeing his brain.

Went to the beach where I learned about scary riptides that had me patrolling the shore and yelling at my kids, "Stay back! Stay Back!"

Hung out with their cousins and just vegged. At night, I stayed up insanely late talking to my parents, and in the morning I would turn over to find my five year old's elbows and knees in tender places. Yeah, going to be wearing those bruises for a bit.

So writing? No. Reading? Barely.

Returning, I got an email about Broken Pieces. If you know my writing at all, you know my first book was Broken Bones. That book was the first in the Broken series.

If you've never heard of it, here's the blurb:

Dan Tolliver, the adopted son of alpha pack leader Jeremiah Tolliver, has suffered his last moment of abuse by his lover Keith Mulligan and finds himself in the hospital. There he meets dark and sharp-tongued Dr. Aiden Kavanaugh, who believes Dan needs some of his straightforward kind of medicine. Still, there is something different about the doctor.
Aiden is a sandman, a weaver of dreams, and has been on earth far longer than even he knows. He's at the end of his time, ready to transition, and needs a human mate to keep him connected to the world he’s grown to love. Only he hasn’t found a special person who makes him want to stay. He doesn’t despair, because not every sandman has the chance to choose, but he knows if he doesn’t find a partner, he will soon lose his physical form and exist only in dreams.
When Aiden realizes Keith is a far greater monster than Dan has any idea, they grow and work together using the support of the pack—and Dan’s inner strength—to overcome impossible odds.
DSP Publications:

Now, while Broken Bones is an excellent book, I failed it. I hadn't built a platform, hadn't established myself in social media or made use of the tools that would have helped that book to succeed prior to its release.

Want to avoid that problem and build your platform? Check out this article:

Build Your Author Platform: 7 Manageable Ways to Start From Scratch

Always looking for new ideas on building platforms, this is the latest article I've found, and already I see some changes that need to be made. Warner gives new and veteran writers great ideas which are certainly worth a look.

Since the Broken series had to find a new home, Broken Pieces had to change, too. It now has to be the first book in the series under a new publisher. This means anyone reading Broken Pieces will meet a few characters for the first time ever. It means I won't be able to rely on the relationships my readers have made with Broken Bones unless they are willing to start with Dreamspinner Press and move to Extasy Books to continue. 

The question is will they? I guess it's up to me which leads me back to the platform. Have I maintained my relationships? Am I staying connected? Am I keeping myself out there? 

If I want people to love my two guys, Peter and Remi, they have to know about them, enough to make them interested.

Peter                                                        Remi


The blurb (or what I'm considering for now):

Broken Pieces is the story of Remi Devereaux, a detective living in Louisville, Kentucky and a photographer named Peter Romanoff. Peter is the Korol to the Romanoff Coven of Nelapsi/Vampires from Kazan, Russia. He is the son of the last Korol and future ruler of the coven. 

Peter possesses the spirit of two creatures within, two beings that are slowly tearing him apart. He needs a Supruga, a mate to help give him balance. That mate is Remi, the detective who is investigating the murders that the coven is committing. Lead by Alonya Romanoff, the current Korolova and relative to Peter, the coven is looking for Peter and are killing people he knows and loves in order to find him. Alonya will only be able to rule the coven as Korolova without contest if she kills Peter, the aberration of the Romanoff bloodline.

Remi sees Peter in a store and the first thing he notices is Peter’s body. From there, he’s on a mission to have Peter as his own. Together, they will need to fight the obstacles standing against them to survive.

There it is. It's in edits right now. I'm waiting on it.

The hope? With the research, the preparation, the studying, the changing, the reading and learning, that my readers will increase, that I will develop into an extraordinary writer, a person whose following will love the stories I produce. 

The dream? That it will never stop.