Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wrote a book? Well, that's not the only thing you're going to write!

When you write a book, you might think you're done.

This week, I had to write a blurb. Hey, I'm still new at this, and while I've "okayed" three blurbs, this is the first time I had to write my own.

So, let's do a little share here. The new book is A Place for Dreams.
Here's the cover!

Now, the blurb? It's short. I didn't look up anything to help me. I just said, "What would I want to know about a book from the blurb? What wouldn't I want to know?"

I would want to know the characters' names, a bit of their conflict. I don't want to know every last detail. Imagine you're going to see a movie. You want an idea of what the movie's going to be about, but you don't want the spoilers. It reminds me of my little guy and his request not to see the trailers because "they give away everything". 

So, I wrote mine:

A Place for Dreams

Raksha has arrived from Nepal, along with his people, to reclaim his mate, but Cole Brightside is a young man afraid of a past he doesn’t fully remember. The two have only connected in Cole’s dreams where Raksha is both beast and man. Now, Raksha wants them together again in the real world.

Can Cole make it past his own fears to become the man Raksha needs him to be? Can Raksha accept who Cole has become?

Can they find a place for dreams? 

But, writing the blurb isn't the only thing you'll have to do. You'll also need to write a log line. I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up. Turns out it's just a few short sentences you need to hook readers for your book. I decided to use the bottom ones. 

Log Line
Can Cole make it past his own fears to become the man Raksha needs him to be? Can Raksha accept who Cole has become?

Can they find a place for dreams? 

I shared it with a few authors and a reviewer to make sure it passed muster. A word or two here or there and sold! Yes! 

But, did I get them right? Editor likes it, but editors are very busy people. Let's check out a few online suggestions:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Blurb for Your Novel

Nice little list of do's and don'ts here by Malina Canizares along with some great advice.

Need more?

17 Tips on How To Write a Blurb That Sells

This article provides links to on-line resources that will help. 

Reading through the articles and checking with my writing friends, the blurb is solid. Yes!

And, the logline? 

10 Tips for Writing Loglines

After reading this, I'm thinking:
A businessman with a past and a being who wants to be a part of his future. Can they find a place for dreams?

Time to get some advice on that one. 

I've asked a few author friends and put a post in a GLBT writer's group on Facebook. Are you a member? Here's the group just in case you need it:

I'll also asked the promotion person for the publishing company. 

May even put it on Twitter. Couldn't hurt. 

Writing? It's not just the book. You'll need a blurb, logline, and let's not forget the dreaded synopsis. 

I'm with Smeagol. Sure, I hate the extra, but I love writing. 

Let's see what happens next.


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